The latest coffee offerings for your Atlanta office delivered on tap

Tap into the variety of fresh beverages that elevate your Atlanta workplace, such a cold brew and nitro coffee

Unrivaled quality cold brew

We offer Joyride cold brew coffee, which uses a hand-crafted method for perfect extraction.

Infused with nitro

Perfectly brewed before being infused with nitrogen for a milky mouthfeel and magical cascade.

Balanced & brisk tea

Cold brewed iced tea made with only the best estate-grown Ceylon tea leaves and served on draft.

Elevate your Atlanta workspace with on-tap nitro cold brew

Enjoy cold brew coffee more than ever. Start with quality cold brew coffee and then infuse it with nitrogen for an enhanced mouth feel and visual cascade in the glass.

Dozens of beverage choices

From this small brewer, enjoy a full range of beverages, including espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, and more.

Personalize your coffee blend

Choose from our four blends of ethically sourced, hand-picked coffee carefully roasted to the highest standards.

Connect your Apple device

Use your iphone, ipad, or Apple watch through ibeacon to order your specialty coffee or espresso drink and save it for future orders.

Fitting for any space or design

The minimalist footprint makes the TopBrewer work in any size space and the design brings a touch of elegance.

Explore the stylish coffee and espresso brewer that can fit anywhere

Innovate your Atlanta office coffee service with on-tap options from Southern Refreshment at or 770-939-9299.