Provide a trusted, quality name brand

As the leader of the single cup coffee movement, Keurig Green Mountain is the recognized name in providing superior single cup coffee.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Keurig Green Mountain. A testament to this commitment is the Keurig® brewers in over 20 million offices and homes. It’s quality single cup coffee so revered that more than 50 leading global coffee, tea, and cocoa brands have joined them, offering a 500 plus variety of K-cups for brewing. Isn’t it time to bring something exceptional into your workplace?

Keurig Green Mountain coffee products in Atlanta

Roasts you want

Through a wide variety of partners, Keurig Green Mountain offers the ability to get any type of roast or hot beverage you want. Enjoy dark roasts, lattes, hot chocolates, and more from all your favorite brands.

Atlanta Keurig Green Mountain coffee products

Relentlessly relevant

Keurig Green Mountain has repeatedly made a commitment to staying foremost in the consumers’ mind by promising a perfectly brewed beverage each and every time. It reshaped how the average person experiences coffee and other hot beverages, influencing popular culture.

Graded coffee cups

Highly experienced coffee quality graders ensure only the best coffees are available through the Keurig Green Mountain brand. Each is certified through the nonprofit Coffee Quality Institute to evaluate potential K-Cup coffee beans ensuring they will produce exceptional hot beverages.

Working towards 100% sustainable

Each year Keurig Green Mountain works towards environmental goals, including recyclable K-Cups and enhanced recycling programs throughout North America.

By the end of 2018, 100% of K-Cups will be recyclable in Canada with more to join. The company is dedicated to sending zero waste to landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It has already reached 98% of its waste reduction target and met it’s 2020 water goal early. It’s a single cup brewer system you can feel good about.

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