Bean to cup office coffee in Atlanta

Quality coffee is just a touch away

Using the 10 inch touchscreen, create your ideal coffee and espresso beverages using the Virtu bean to cup brewer.

Offers a wide variety of hot beverages.

Makes regular coffee and real espresso.

Allows variable brew strength selection.

Includes separate hot water outlet.

Full coffee experience in style

The Nio delivers exceptional coffee and specialty beverages using a reliable, self-contained brewer designed for easy use.

Includes clear product containers for easy viewing.
Offers mess-free cleaning from the outside.
LED lights indicate common service issues.
Brews around 150 high-quality drinks daily.

By the cup coffee

Enjoy the always fresh, hassle-free experience of a quality single serve coffee program with a bean to cup brewer.

High quality brew

Sophisticated technology ensures an ideal bean grind as well as the proper brewing temperature and time.

Specialty drink options

Design a personalized coffee drink or use a recipe on one of our bean to cup brewers for a delicious, at-work experience.

Build positive energy

Bean to cup creates a unique, inspiring workplace atmosphere centered around delicious coffee and specialty drinks.

Deliver the high-quality coffee that will set you apart from other companies in Atlanta with a bean to cup brewer from Southern Refreshments at 770-939-9299 or