Workplace refreshment with the energy and open feel of a small store in your Atlanta business.

Feeding Atlanta workers with break room enhancing micro-market services.

The Atlanta micro-market service experts.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary refreshment program to wow employees, then a micro-market is it. The Southern Refreshment Services concept offers hundreds of product options, including nutritious choices that promote and support corporate wellness. The open racks allow employees to look at snacks and sweets before they buy. Brightly lit coolers hold dozens of drink and fresh food options to satisfy any employee palette.

Southern Refreshment Services is a provider of Cool Breakrooms throughout Atlanta

Create an employee eating oasis with Southern style.

Refresh your Atlanta break room while offering more of the brand name products your employees value and trust.

We make food locally to ensure it’s fresh, delicious and will appeal to Atlanta residents.


Get rid of the vending machine stigma with a new refreshment solution.


Employees can use the market anytime they want with an easy and secure self-checkout.


Each selection and layout is tailored to the specific Atlanta workplace being served.

Enjoy more onsite refreshment without the vending machines.

Micro-markets offer more snack, beverage and food options than vending machines and allow customers to look at items before purchasing.

Opt for all the traditional “must-haves” and new brands with a micro-market from Southern Refreshment Services at 770-939-9299 or email