Micro Markets

Bring Convenience to Your Breakroom

Create the breakroom experience your associates deserve!

Five Star is the trusted breakroom micro market service provider for over 3,900 locations in the Southeast and Midwest in settings that include offices and workplaces of all sizes, universities, hospitals, as well as industries ranging from banking and insurance to manufacturing and distribution. 

We fuel employees and guests at hundreds of the Southeast’s biggest and best Fortune 500 companies in great cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Mobile, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Columbus, New Orleans, and more!

Expanding snack and beverage variety in their location is important to boosting employee morale and satisfaction, so they trust Five Star to provide and service a micro-market in their business. As a result, our “Avenue C” branded markets create a destination for your employees to visit to get the fuel they need to do their best job for you!


Self Checkout Kiosk (Touchless Availability)

When you’re hungry, we’re there. Just grab a bite to eat or drink and be on your way. It’s that simple. With five payment options available, a micro market can fit any space, anywhere. Our micro market vending technology and flexible design by 365 Retail Markets makes it happen.

Pay any way you like with our self-checkout systems: touchscreen kiosk, space-saving tablets and Pico, mobile smartphone, and our Canteen Connect & Pay app – which allows users to check out at multiple markets, vending machines, and other food service areas within a company’s connected campus. 

Customize Your Breakroom

Personalized 3D Renderings

Perhaps you have a great space, but it’s lacking food and personality, so it’s rarely used by your associates. What a waste. Or maybe your breakroom needs a facelift, something more welcoming for your employees? That’s where we come in to help, whether we upgrade your space into a micro-market or customize the right solution for your needs, we can create a great office environment and space for your team. From linear setups and L-shaped designs, to layouts spanning multiple walls – we stand out from the rest by using permanent, high-quality fixtures. Our in-house designers and breakroom consultants will work with you to create an engaging break room space for your employees to enjoy – offering their favorite snacks, coffee, and great conversations.

Mobile App

Feel more connected than ever when checking out from our micro markets quickly and easily using the Canteen Connect & Pay Mobile App. The app allows users to manage their market account balance and profile details from the palm of their hand. Also, app users are able to view their recent transaction history and the latest offers from Five Star. Perhaps the greatest feature, downloading the app enables a touchless checkout experience at the market as well as an in-app scan, pay, and walk-away checkout experience (where enabled).

The app is available for both Apple iOS and Android smartphone operating systems. Download the app today to scan, pay, and walk away!

Download: Google Play | Apple App Store

Payment Security

Our micro market payment and checkout hardware and software has the highest security built-in and meets all the criteria for PCI Certified  using end-to-end (E2E) encryption – so your employees and guests can rest easy knowing their payment and personal information are secure.

Food Safety

Five Star puts safety first! While not required (yet) by federal or local agencies, we believe in ensuring our fresh food stays that way! Each of our coolers and freezers is equipped with remote temperature monitoring and lock-out technology to ensure the quality and safety of our refrigerated fresh food and frozen food. If the temperature rises above the food safety standards set by FDA and USDA, the coolers are automatically locked to prevent the food from being reached or sold, and an alert is sent to our local team so they can address the issue. These key safeguards complete the food safety cycle following the rigorous production and storage processes and procedures we follow to remain HACCP certified.

Market Plus

Our Market Plus program is our market plus hot, fresh food! Food is prepared on-site and placed in the market for your employees and guests to purchase at the self-checkout kiosk. Food ranges from hamburgers, chicken tenders, and entrees to fresh salads and wraps. Ask us about our Market Plus program and see if it’s right for you!


Creating Excitement in the Workplace

Five Star’s “Avenue C” micro-markets offer multiple promotions every month to people who use the markets. Promotions include product discounts, new product introductions, giveaways, and more! Promotions create an exciting and engaging break room atmosphere for your employees.