Vending Machine provider in Alpharetta

Southern Refreshment Services – Alpharetta’s Vending Machine Authority

If you need vending machines in Alpharetta, then Southern Refreshment Services is the place to contact. We have all the machines you want, from snack and beverage machines to those that vend cold foods and coffee. Then we fill them with a huge selection of items, which are completely up to your discretion. Once delivered and installed, we supply and maintain your machines for free. Beyond the machines and  products themselves, our vending agreements are known for flexibility. Choose a traditional program, or something more unique like subsidized or free vending.


Water Filtration and Office Coffee Service in Alpharetta

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Alpharetta

No matter where you are, coffee is a big deal in today’s offices. Alpharetta is no different. So Southern Refreshments Services complies with a comprehensive office coffee service. We have all the coffees and teas you could want, supported by the latest in coffee brewing technology. Our machines range from traditional brewers to the smaller, more nimble single-cup machines. Simply put, we have something to cater to any office. Is water quality keeping you from making a good cup of coffee in the office?  We can help with that too. Our water filtration services utilize a bottleless technology that gets plumbed right into the water supply. Once installed, better tasting water is achieved with a simple turn of a faucet.

Micro-Markets Are Here in

One of the latest vending trends, a Micro-Market is like a convenience store installed right in your Alpharetta office or facility. Southern Refreshment Services starts by fitting your available location with racks, displays and coolers that best fit your space and the product selection desired. Then you can go through our huge catalog of products and pick and choose what you want to fill the store. From that point, using the store is easy. Customers can simply walk in, choose the products they want, and then scan and pay for them at the integrated checkout kiosk. Micro-Markets give you a unique fringe benefit for your employees, but without the hassle/expense of running your own store.

Find out why Southern Refreshment Services is the best choice for vending in Alpharetta. Call us at 770-239-6482 or e-mail