DeKalb Country’s Preferred Vending Machine Service vending machinesWhen you’re in need of vending services for your DeKalb County business, why settle for less than the best? At Southern Refreshment Services, we know that’s what we are. From coffee to refreshments to water, we offer more options, always with that southern hospitality you deserve.

Here’s what you can get when you work with us:

DeKalb County’s Premier Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration

Give your team that needed pick-me-up with our full line of coffee products and services. We can get you started with the coffee equipment, and then provide flavored teas and coffees and even single cup systems.

Do away with those heavy 5-gallon jugs once and for all, and use our water filtration systems instead. Our water units are plumbed into your building’s water supply, so you’ll be getting clean, great tasting water without the hassles of bringing jugs in and out of your workplace.

DeKalb County office coffee and water filtration service

DeKalb Country’s Preferred Vending Machine Service

Keep the snacks and drinks readily at hand, and your DeKalb County employees can stay closer to the workplace, and in turn get more done! Our beverage service includes Pepsi vending machines and Coca Cola vending machines, complete with your choice of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. For snacks, we offer traditional vending machines, cold food vending machines, and healthy vending machines. You also have the option of adding free vending to your program.

Micro-Markets in DeKalb County: A Growing Trend

Take part in the latest trend in vending with the micro-market! They have the look and feel of a small corner store, but with a self-pay kiosk that accepts debit and credit cards, and easy-access racks and coolers, they don’t require staff. Easy and fun to use!

You’ve found the best vending for DeKalb County — now it’s time to reach out! Call our team at 770-939-9299, or email to get the ball rolling.