Vending Machines Services for Douglas County

Finding high-caliber vending machines solutions for your Douglas County facility is easy with Southern Refreshment Services. We offer all kinds of vending machines, from traditional snack and beverage vending machines to the more unique coffee and cold food vending options. All machines are regularly filled with a huge variety for big-brand snacks, beverages and food items. Beyond standard vending agreements, we also offer unique programs, such as subsidized and free vending.

Various honey bars from Douglas County vending machine with peanuts, sesame and sunflower seeds

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solutions
for Douglas County

What would we do without coffee in the office? Fortunately, offices in Douglas County don’t need to worry about it with Southern Refreshment Services ready to assist. We have the latest in brewing technologies, from traditional machines to single-cup options, with a large variety of coffee types and brands.

If your water leaves much to be desired, ask us about our water filtration services. Our filters connect directly to your water supply to make achieving great tasting water as simple as turning a faucet.

Pour hot tea from a teapot into a glass with mint from Douglas County office coffee service

Douglas County’s Micro-Market Provider

A Micro-Market from Southern Refreshment Services is a unique way to offer snacks, foods and beverages to your Douglas County operation. With this program, we with you to identify a portion of your space to transform into a self-sufficient convenience store. The store is complete with attractive coolers, racks and displays filled with hundreds of products of your choosing – no restrictions. Once built, the store basically runs itself. Customers walk in, hand-select the items they want, and scan and pay for them at the integrated check-out kiosks.

Whatever you’re looking for in vending, Southern Refreshment Services can oblige. Call 770-239-6482 or e-mail