Midtown Preferred Vending Machine Service vending machines

Want the best in vending that Midtown has to offer? You’ve come to the right place!

We here at Southern Refreshment Services are proud to bring you a great selection of items, excellent service, and well-maintained vending equipment, every time. Whether you need a small coffee setup or you’re looking to outfit an entire break zone or cafeteria with great items, we’re your solution.

Here’s what you can get:

The Vending Machine Products Your Midtown Team Craves

When it comes to snacks, we’ll help you stock your break room with traditional vending machine items, cold food vending items, and even healthy vending items. Our beverage service includes carbonated and non-carbonated beverages stocked in our Coca Cola vending machines and Pepsi vending machines.


Midtown office coffee and water filtration serviceOffice Coffee and Water Filtration Service in Midtown

Start with the basics: Great coffee that keeps them coming back for more. We’ll get you started with the coffee equipment, and then we’ll keep the coffee, flavored coffees and teas, and single cup systems flowing.

With our water filtration systems, you won’t need to have water delivered to your Midtown location ever again! Instead of 5-gallon jugs, we install a plumbed-in water system in your building. It’s far more convenient than the jugs, and delivers quality hot and cold water quickly and easily.

Micro-Markets are an Option in Midtown

Looking to add even more variety to your Midtown business’ vending program? You’ll get that with the micro-market option! They’re set up like a mini market, right in your break area, with convenient self-checkout kiosks that accept debit and credit cards.

Whatever your vending needs, your first call should be to Southern Refreshment Services!

Get in touch today at sales@refreshthesouth.com or 770-939-9299