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Our vending machine service offers the best and most in-demand products and payment solutions. We stock the leading snack and beverage brands you know and love. We feature our own Choice Plus and Fresh to You healthy vending food brands, which serve fresh foods created in our HACCP-certified, USDA-monitored food production facility.

We are proud to service over 20,000 vending machines at many Fortune 500 companies in great cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Mobile, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Columbus, New Orleans, and more!

Our experienced team knows what your employees want and you can count on us to consistently deliver. Over the years, Five Star has developed relationships with hundreds of vendors across the country to bring our customers the highest quality products on the market for their vending machines.


Sure Vend | LED Lighting | Credit/Debit Card Readers

Our credit/debit card readers also accept mobile wallet such as Apple Pay, Apple Pay Cash, Android and Google Wallet. Not only do our card readers accept payment, but are also interactive. People today care more and more about what they put in their bodies – our card reader screens can show nutritionals on every product in the machine and display any ongoing promotions. These engaging screens will make your employees more confident in their purchases.


Employee health and wellness is a priority for us and many of our customers. Offering fresh food in our healthy vending machines from our culinary center is an easy way to get better food and snack options for your employees and customers. Using our food vending machine is a quick way for your employees to enjoy fresh, healthy food without leaving campus.

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