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Customize the cold beverage vending machine for your business.

Beverage Vending Machines in Atlanta

In Atlanta, it’s important to offer a convenient way to stay hydrated and refreshed at work. That’s why Southern Refreshment Services ensures all our cold beverage vending machines are stocked with today’s best selling flavors and drink varieties. State-of-the-art beverage vending machines deliver years of reliable, uninterrupted service.

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A broad range of Atlanta’s favorite drink options from classically carbonated to deliciously diet.

Coke Products

Trust the big names and quality taste you get from a nationally recognized beverage company.

Pepsi Products

The fastest growing drink selection, we carry a wide variety of bottled water to meet the demand.

Bottled Water

Choose water with a bit more punch by opting for a flavored choice from your break room.

Flavored Water

Get your fill of essential vitamins and minerals with our huge selection of juice drinks.


Stay hydrated and ready to work with the must-have sport drink flavors and brands.

Sports Drinks

Select one of the best selling names in drinks to stay energized and inspired all day long.

Energy Drinks

Cold and refreshing, enjoy iced teas and coffee instantly, without having to brew them yourself.

Teas & Ready to Drink Coffees

New ingredients and brands perfect for unique Atlanta workplace tastes and keeping selection fresh.

New Age Beverages

Gourmet coffee vending now available.

The new line of hot beverage machines don’t just brew coffee, they grind the beans fresh and produce cafe quality hot drinks without the mess or hassle of traditional office coffee service. With creamer and sugar, the employees or guests at your Atlanta business will be able to customize their hot beverage anyway they like with just a few buttons. It’s an ideal way to offer workplace coffee on site superior to old fashioned coffee vending machines.

Consider how your beverage vending machine could be working for you with superior beverage vending machine service from Southern Refreshment Services at or 770-939-9299.

Coffee Vending in Atlanta