Entrees guaranteed to
lure employees to
our Atlanta break room.

Food designed to be fresh and local.

Food Vending Machines Throughout Atlanta

Let your employees have a place to refresh and recharge on site at your Atlanta business, by offering fresh, locally made food in your break room. Southern Refreshment Services has an in house commissary that prepares food daily, ensuring it’s fresh when delivered to your location.

Employees can now make the most of breaks instead of wasting time searching for meals or visiting the less healthy fast food options in the area. Our FDA approved commissary tailors all the food to local tastes and preferences. We offer the ability to customize your menu as well as rotate in new food items to keep the selection fresh.

Your employees and guests are sure to enjoy the entrees from our extensive line of food.

Experience a food program that puts others to shame with Southern Refreshment Services at sales@refreshthesouth.com or 770-939-9299.