Your partner in real-world corporate health and wellness initiatives.

Turn your Break Room Healthy

Healthy Vending Machines Throughout Atlanta

We know that companies in the Atlanta area are looking for ways to encourage their employees to live healthier lifestyles. It can be a challenge to find affordable, real-world support for these corporate health and wellness campaigns. However, with Southern Refreshment Services, it doesn’t have to be.

Our Choice Plus Program makes it easy to identify healthier choices in the break room. From national brand snacks to food from our in house commissary, employees need only look for the logo to identify a healthier selection. Plus, with the Choice Plus Program comes time with a registered dietician who can answer your questions about corporate wellness.


Healthy Vending Options in Atlanta

Choice PlusChoice Plus is ideal for schools, hospitals, and any business making healthy vending a priority.

Helping people choose healthier vending items just got easier with the Choice Plus Program. This nutritionist-designed range of snack, food, and beverage options must meet certain nutritional standards. Other than a few exemptions such as seeds and nuts, items must be 250 calories or less, have 10 g of fat or less, 0 g of trans fat, 230 mg of sodium or less, as well as contain 20 g of sugar or less. We will put the Choice Plus logo on these items to make them easier to identify for your Atlanta employees and guests.

We bring you the must-have healthier vending items from national brands to local favorites.

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